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Brightway Celebrates International Women's Day

Mar 8, 2020

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International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality. Brightway Insurance is extremely proud of the hundreds of diverse women who continue to have a deep impact at Brightway and within their communities.

Several Brightway agency owners and employees shared inspiring thoughts about their successful careers as business owners and females working in the insurance industry.

Amy Briley 1000x1000

Amy Briley- Agency Owner

“My parents owned a small home building business when I was growing up. When the tornadoes ripped through the Midwest, I always marveled at all the people my dad could help because they had homeowners’ insurance. Now all these years later, I understand the home is the foundation, the home base, for an entire family for years, decades, and generations. It created in me a strong desire to help people protect their family dreams and their “home base” for all their loved ones. On top of that, owning our own agency gives me the opportunity to help people in my own local area, as well as throughout the state that we love so much. We are proud to serve our community by offering many superior insurance options for customers and their businesses. I truly LOVE what I do, and I am honored to help every single customer that puts their trust me!”

Ashley Burbank-Boyles 1000x1000

Ashley Burbank-Boyles- Agency Owner

“THINK BIG. Being a Mom doesn’t have to professionally derail your career. It is entirely possible to embrace ambitions for both. I wanted my 3 daughters to know that there are no constraints: only choices. Deciding to become a female business owner is where I found the autonomy and capacity to do it all, simultaneously inspiring my girls to “Think Big” too.

Gaby Cordero-Zucchini 1000x1000

Gaby Cordero-Zucchini- Agency Owner

“Being a female business owner has changed my life because it allows me to be present, feel accomplished and give my full potential in all aspects of my life.”

Katelyn Eggar 1000x1000

Katelyn Eggar- Head of Learning & Development

"I am inspired by women like Jamie Kern Lima, who overcome the odds. Jamie started her cosmetic company in her living room, faced rejection from retailers who didn't like how she looked, and later sold her business to L'Oreal for over a billion dollars- proving that you can find success even when other people doubt you."

Sudha Francis- 1000x1000

Sudha Francis- Lead Human Resources Business Partner

"When I reflect on my career and what has inspired me, I immediately think of the influence my mother has had on me throughout my life. Her strength, resilience, boldness, and determination has allowed her to face any challenge and turn it into an opportunity to grow. The lessons I have learned from her have shaped who I am both personally and professionally."

Caitlin Harkin Ryba 1000x1000

Caitlin Harkins Ryba- Agency Operations Manager

“Throughout my professional career, my inspiration has been fueled by the opportunity to make a meaningful impact and drive positive change. I am inspired by the challenges that come with each new project or initiative, as they push me to grow and innovate. Additionally, I find inspiration in the talented individuals I work with, whose dedication, creativity, and expertise motivate me to strive for excellence in everything I do.”

Lauren Mathewson 1000x1000

Lauren Mathewson- Agency Owner

“I’m fortunate to have an amazing role model in my Mother. I grew up watching her start several successful businesses while also running a household and putting her children first. Her strength, resilience and work ethic empowered me to pursue business ownership after starting my own family. As a female business leader, I’m passionate about helping women achieve their goals and fostering an environment where they can thrive.”

Leslie Redler 1000x1000

Leslie Redler- Agency Owner

“Being a female business owner has made me feel empowered and increased my confidence. Even when I had to deal with the challenge of gender bias i have felt i am in a community of female business owners which has supported me and help make valuable connections. Running my own business lets me showcase my leadership skills and creativity. It also allows me to make my own work/life balance. “

Jasmine Walker 1000x1000

Jasmine Walker- Agency Owner

“As an agency owner, I’m a muse of inspiration for other women to have the “I believe” attitude. It’s very fulfilling along my journey when women disclose to me that I have inspired them to become a business owner. “Other women activate greatness in each other and that’s one of my purposes as a female agency owner.”

Jessica Wilson 1000x1000

Jessica Wilson- Agency Owner

“Being a female business owner has transformed my life in profound ways. It has granted me the freedom to mold my schedule around my family's needs while still pursuing my professional goals. The flexibility inherent in entrepreneurship has empowered me to balance work and family life more effectively than ever before. Moreover, running my own business has provided unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional growth, allowing me to continuously challenge myself and develop new skills. As a leader in my own right, I've discovered the strength and resilience within myself, inspiring others to follow suit. Ultimately, being a female business owner has not only enriched my career but also deepened my connections with my loved ones, as I'm able to be there for them in ways that were previously impossible.”