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Provo Boat Insurance: The Brighter Way.

Your boat is your ticket to adventure and a sense of community in Provo. But as you set sail on the watercraft, it's vital to protect your investment. Boat insurance offers the security you need, safeguarding your vessel and personal assets. With complete insurance coverage, you can enjoy your maritime adventures with peace of mind.

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Typical Provo Boat Coverage Covers

We’re dedicated to helping you navigate these waters. Our team will work tirelessly to source policies from a diverse range of insurance companies, ensuring you get full coverage that aligns with your needs and budget. We also offer competitive premiums and personalized boat insurance quotes to suit every boater's financial plan.

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  • Onboard Liability

    Covers bodily injury and property damage that you, or your family, may cause to others while onboard or in proximity to your boat.

  • Hull and Structures

    This coverage pertains to the physical damage to the boat itself and any attached elements, like a cabin or deck.

  • Personal Belongings

    Protects the possessions you keep on your boat – be it fishing gear, electronics, clothing, or other valuables – against potential losses from theft, fire, and other hazards.

  • Guest Medical

    Should a non-resident guest sustain injuries while on your boat, this ensures their medical bills are covered.

  • Towing

    In case of an emergency or mechanical failure, our boat insurance policy includes towing services to ensure you and your boat are safely brought back to shore.

  • Personal Watercraft

    This specific coverage caters to boat owners who also possess smaller personal watercraft, offering additional protection for these unique vessels.

Provo Boat Insurance Discounts

Setting sail shouldn't break the bank. Here are some boat-specific discounts you might be eligible for

  • Bundled Coverage

  • Boater Safety Courses

  • Anti-Theft and Tracking Devices

  • Safe Harbor

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